1. Dismantling Anti-Blackness Together ~ article by Lorgia García-Peña, NACLA, 2020, Dominican Republic, English. This article explores how anti-Blackness is present in Latinx communities, and ways to begin dismantling it.
  2. Opinion | Racism Didn’t Kill George Floyd. Anti-Blackness Did. ~ article by Dr. kihana miraya ross, New York Times, 2020, United States, English. This article explores the difference between “racism” and “anti-Blackness,” and explains why the latter is crucial for understanding what it’s like to be Black in America.
  3. Non-Black People of Color Need to Start Having Conversations About the Anti-Blackness in Our Communities ~ article by Sharon Park, Do Something, United States, English. A guide to support non-Black POC in addressing the anti-Blackness in their respective communities.
  4. Hacia Compañerismo y conciencia: Pro-Negritud en Acción: ~ article, 2020, United States, Español. A call to action for latinxs to take action in support of black communities and embrace pro-blackness. Gives action steps for supporting black organizers, particularly in MN, and defunding the police.
  5. Las Vidas Negras Importan ~ video, 2020, Puerto Rico, Español.