History Of Policing

In The United States

  1. American Police : Throughline ~ podcast episode, Throughline (NPR), 2020, United States, English. A thorough and accessible review of American policing and how it centers the dehumanization and destruction of Black bodies.
  2. Teach the History of Policing ~ resource list, Zinn Education Project, 2020, United States, English. An amalgamation of resources on the history of policing for middle- and high-schoolers, including podcasts, videos, texts and more.
  3. Envisioning an America Free From Police Violence and Control ~ article by Rashmee Kumar, The Intercept, 2017, United States, English/Portuguese. An interview with Alex Vitale that especially focuses on the history of policing.
  4. Why Community Policing Doesn’t Work (MPD150) ~ PDF, MPD150, United States, English. This 2-page document outlines the origins & history of “community policing,” and why it often brings more harm and danger to communities of color.
  5. The History of Policing in the United States ~ PDF by Dr. Gary Potter, EKU School of Justice Studies, United States, English. This 16-page documents provides a definitive history of policing in the U.S.
  6. Raza, derechos y brutalidad policial (academic report)
  7. “Nuestra Lucha” / “Our Fight” ~ graphics & presentations by Siembra NC, by and for Latinx people on why policing & mass incarceration is our fight too.


  1. Origins of the police ~ article by David Whitehouse, Libcom, 2014, English + other languages available sitewide. A fairly comprehensive overview on when, how and why police were invented.
  2. Producing Capitalist Order: Police, Class, Race & Gender ~ PDF, book chapter of “Cops, Crime & Capitalism” by Todd Gordon, A World Without Police, 2006, Canada, English.