History Of Prisons/Current State of Incarceration

In the United States

  1. Mass Incarceration: The Whole Pie 2020 ~ article with graphics by Wendy Sawyer & Peter Wagener, Prison Policy Initiative, 2020, United States, English. A report that unpacks the demographics & charges of the 2.3 million people currently incarcerated in the U.S.
  2. A Primer on Mass Incarceration ~ videos compiled by Prison Diaries, 2018, United States, English. These 4 short videos are a very good, less-than-ten-minute primer on “mass incarceration,” also introducing viewers to thought leaders in the criminal justice field.
  3. Michelle Alexander Talks Mass Incarceration & The Unlawful Treatment of Melanated People Pt.1 ~ video, Melanated Fathers TV, 2020, United States, English.
  4. Why George Floyd’s death must prompt reform of America’s prisons ~ article by Adam Eichen and Evelyn Li, USA Today, 2020, United States, English. Very recent article that highlights the gross injustices of mass incarceration and why the current movement must expand to include prison reform.
  5. Innocence And Guilt As Constructs

  6. The Long History of Presumed White Innocence and Black Guilt ~ article by Claudia Garcia-Rojas, Truthout, 2014, United States, English. Written in the wake of grand juries’ decline to charge Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, this article examines how white innocence and Black guilt are two founding principles of the United States.
  7. Presumption of Guilt ~ article, Equal Justice Initiative, United States, English. An overview how people of color are presumed guilty by the criminal punishment system.
  8. On the Presumption of Guilt ~ article by Rep. John Lewis and Bryan Stevenson, Equal Justice Initiative, 2013, United States, English. Discusses Louis Taylor, who was freed from death row after 30 years for a crime he didn’t commit.
  9. Voting Rights

  10. Being convicted of a crime has thousands of consequences besides incarceration – and some last a lifetime ~ article by Cynthia Golembeksi, The Conversation, 2020, United States, English. An article that reveals the many impacts incarceration can have on people for the rest of their lives.
  11. Felony Disenfranchisement ~ webpage, The Sentence Project, 2020, United States, English. Graphics, links, videos and new articles that discuss the current state of disenfranchisement for people convicted of felonies.
  12. Voting Rights ~ article, Prison Fellowship, United States, English. An overview and history of voting disenfranchisement based on felonies in the U.S.
  13. When Prisoners Demand Voting Rights ~ article by Dana Liebelson, The Atlantic, 2019, United States, English. Highlights the current and growing movement to restore voting rights to prisoners.
  14. Desmond Meade On Restoring Voting Rights w/ Felony Convictions in Florida + The Challenges Ahead ~ video, Hot 97, 2020, United States, English. An interview with Desmond Meade, executive director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, the group behind Amendment 4 which restored voting rights to people with felony convictions in Florida in 2018.