Is This Realistic?

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    • Four officers, no weapons, no charges: A Yukon First Nation’s solution for keeping the peace ~ article by Genesee Keevil, The Globe & Mail, 2019, Canada, English. How the town of Whitehorse has implemented four “safety officers” who are trained in everything from conflict resolution, intergenerational trauma and mental-health issues to critical incident stress management and bylaw interpretation ~ and don’t carry guns or lay charges.
    • Indigenous Justice Faces the State: The Community Police Force in Guerrero, Mexico ~ article by Maria Theresa Sierra, NACLA, 2010, United States, English.
    • “We don’t want police here”: Land of the real-life Robin Hood ~ article, Salon, 2013, Andalusia, Spain, English. Marinaleda, Spain is a small small town with no police or crime. They are allowed to by Spanish law due to their size, and save $350,000 annually with no spending on police. They also have full employment and gained media attention when some of their villagers participated in civil disobedience, taking food from big grocery stores to redistribute at food banks. Unfortunately any article I could find is fixated on the fact that the village is communist and has a charismatic mayor who quotes Che, which can be an immediate turn-off to our audience. Wikipedia article.
    • Amokura, Maori (no longer active)
    • FAVORITE Zapatista-run Chiapas ~ wiki, anarchy in action, United States, English. Article on the autonomous zone established by the Zapatistas in Mexico that encompasses an estimated 120,000 to 300,000 people and has achieved great success as a functioning alternative society.
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