La Polimigra

  1. La migra, la policía, la misma porquería ~ article, Migrant Justice, June 2020, United States, Español. A very recent article from Vermont detailing the solidarity of migrant farmworkers with Black Lives Matter and the current uprising.
  2. Chinga La Migra (Episode 8: Austin) ~ video, Mijente/ICE Out of Austin, 2018, Texas, Spanish/English. Mijente visits immigrant community organizers in Austin, TX to learn about the organizing against the Polimigra. Video reviews SB4, the failure of Sally Hernandez, and collaboration of Travis County Jail with ICE to deport immigrant family members.
  3. END S-COMM: Alto Polimigra! ~ article, NDLON, United States, English. Fairly succinct and clear explanation of the history of S-COMM and the links between ICE and police.
  4. VICTORY! “No Polimigra” law passes — time to organize! ~ article, Migrant Justice, 2019, United States, English. Details a victory against polimigra in Vermont in May 2019.
  5. Victims of the “poli-migra” ~ article by Orlando Sepulveda, Socialist Worker, 2008, United States, English. News article that highlights immigrants’ experiences & encounters with polimigra.
  6. Activistas enseñan a defenderse de la ‘Polimigra’ ~ video, Kuck Baxter Immigration LLC, 2016, United States, Español.
  7. Alto-Polimigra National Movement ~ video, NDLON, 2011, United States, English. A somewhat dated video, tells story of white supremacist, anti-immigrant strategy to pass laws at the state level creating police and ICE collaboration. Quote that is not given subtitles in video: “My name is Maria, I called the police during a fight with my partner, the police handed me over to ICE. Now I have a deportation order. I have a 21 month old daughter, and I don’t want to be separated from her.” Shows organizing against the Polimigra.