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  1. Uprising & Abolition: Angela Davis on Movement Building, “Defund the Police” & Where We Go from Here ~ video w/transcript, Democracy Now!, June 12 2020, United States, English. In this interview, Amy Goodman and Angela Davis discuss the potential of the current moment, and how abolition is a visionary feminist strategy to imagining a different world.
  2. Yes, We Mean Literally Abolish the Police ~ article by longtime police abolitionist Mariame Kaba, New York Times, June 12 2020, United States, English. This article covers the history & current practices of policing, and why reform is not the answer.
  3. What Are We Talking About When We Talk About A Police-Free Future? ~ article w/list, MPD150, 2020, United States, English. This article addresses common misconceptions about abolition, and sheds light on what the process of abolition might look like in practice.
  4. Here Are Some Areas Austin City Council Could Put Money Toward Instead Of Police ~ article by Mose Buchele and Claire McInerny, KUT, June 11 2020, United States, English. This article discusses the programs that some Austin City Council Members are proposing get funded with money from APD.
  5. A Letter to White People Engaged in Conversations Around the Phrase “Defund The Police” ~ article by Jaime Mulligan, Medium, June 11 2020, United States, English. An enlightening and engaging response to white people who have a knee-jerk reaction to the phrase “defund the police.”
  6. Ruth Wilson Gilmore Makes the Case for Prison Abolition ~ podcast, The Intercept, June 10 2020, United States, English.
  7. Defunding The Police Can Achieve ‘Real Accountability And Justice,’ Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Says ~ podcast,, June 3 2020, United States, English. Patrisse Cullors on why police divestment and defunding is the only path that can bring justice & peace to black communities.
  8. The answer to police violence is not ‘reform’. It’s defunding. Here’s why ~ article by Alex S. Vitale, The Guardian, May 31 2020, United States, English. This article explains in detail the history & failures of police reform.
  9. In Protests Against Police Brutality, Videos Capture More Police Brutality ~ article, Washington Post
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  11. Cabildo de Austin Aprueba ‘Desfinanciar’ A La Policía Y Prohíbe Prácticas Potencialmente Letales ~ article by Audrey McGlinchy, KUT, June 12 2020, United States, Español/English. This article reports the latest on Austin City Council’s vote to reallocate money from APD into other city programs
  12. ¿Qué significa el llamado para retirarle fondos a la policía? ~ article by Scottie Andrew, CNN, June 8 2020, United States, Español. Este artículo discute las diferencias entre desmantelar y retirarle fondos a la policía, y las implicaciones de ambos.
  13. ¿Por qué están en llamas los edificios? Activista Tamika Mallory explica ~ video, 2020, United States, Español. “La razón por la cual los edificios están en llamas es porque esta ciudad, este estado, preferiría preservar esa mentalidad de nacionalismo blanco y supremacía blanca en lugar de arrestar, acusar y ayudar a condenar a cuatro oficiales que mataron a un hombre negro…Se están quemando porque la gente aquí en Minnesota le dice a la gente de Nueva York, a la gente de California, a la gente de Memphis, a toda la nación: Ya Basta!” – activista Tamika Mallory en Minneapolis, MN.
  14. Caso George Floyd: El Departamento de Policía de Minneapolis será desmantelado ~ article w/ video, France 24, June 8 2020, France, Español. In a fairly objective way, reports on the Minneapolis City Council’s long-term plan to defund the MPD and talks about Democrats’ proposed federal reforms. Video has great footage of City Council President committing to dismantling police and protestors talking about how this demonstrates how much power they have.
  15. Buscan retirar fondos y desmantelar el departamento de policía de Minneapolis ~ article w/ 4 videos by Dakin Andone, Christina Maxouris and Josh Campbell, CNN, June 8 2020, United States, Español. Reviews Minneapolis plan to defund police, nation-wide protests,and police murders of black people. First video has a brief history of police violence and BLM protests over past decade or so. Second video focuses on global BLM protests happening now. Third video focuses on how hard it is for people to get justice through the CJ system after police killings. Fourth is about George Floyd’s remains being moved to Houston for the funeral.