What About?

The rapists & murderers

  1. Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective ~ website, last updated 2020, United States, English. The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective (BATJC) is working to build and support transformative justice responses to child sexual abuse, and envisions a world where everyday people can intervene in incidences of child sexual abuse in ways that not only meet immediate needs such as stopping current violence, securing safety and taking accountability for harm; but that also prevent future violence and harm by actively cultivating things such as healing, accountability and resiliency for all.
  2. How Can We Reconcile Prison Abolition With #MeToo? ~ article by Victoria Law, Filter Magazine, 2018, United States, English. This article wrestles with carceral feminism, and how involving the prison system often does not lead to reduced rates of violence in communities.
  3. TransformHarm.org | Welcome | A Resource Hub about Ending Violence ~ website, last updated 2020, United States, English. Website & project run by Mariame Kaba that provides resources & programs on transformative justice, restorative justice, abolition and more.
  4. “What About the Dangerous People?” ~ video, Barnard Center for Research on Women, 2014, United States, English.
  5. Prison Abolition According to Nia ~ video, SpiritHouse NC, 2017, United States, English. “But what do we do with all the rapists and murderers?…I want you to imagine a world where everyone’s needs are met.”
  6. 4 Sexual Assault Victims Tell of Treatment by Police ~ article by John Eligon, New York Times, 2010, United States, English.Women try to pursue cases against their rapists but the NYPD doesn’t pursue charges.
  7. When a Protector Becomes a Predator ~ article w/ videos by Matthew Spina, Buffalo News, 2015, United States, English. Provides many case studies of police using their power to rape people, mainly women and minors. The first video is of a survivor, Joyce Pecky, describing her experience (Joyce Pecky remembers when an officer sexually abused her). The second video (Officer testifies to abusing his position) is during a court hearing, when that police officer is questioned and testifies about his serial raping of Joyce, on threat of him taking her from her daughter, over several years.
  8. The Cato Institute’s National Police Misconduct Reporting Project Annual Report ~ report, CATO Institute, 2010, United States, English. Short excerpt from CATO Institute student that finds police sexuall assault people at a “significantly higher rate than the general population.”
  9. Criminalization as a Failed Strategy for Anti-Violence Movements ~ video, Barnard Center for Research on Women, 2014, United States, English?


  1. The Truth About Crews | Ft. Vidal Guzman & Chris Williams ~ video, 2018, United States, English, JustLeadership USA and The Policing & Social Justice Project. This video breaks down how the NYPD criminalizes youth of color by labeling them as “gangs”, through perspectives from young men of color labeled “gangsters.” They also begin to talk about when you view violence as a health crisis and alternatives to police involvement.

The Jobs

  1. #buildCOMMUNITIES ~ video 2020, Just Leadership USA, United States. Focuses on New York and intersection of police budgeting with COVID. Suggests police can get training for other roles or early retirement. Not sure which section to put this in.

Rural/Suburban Areas